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  • Asia Dialogue - The Commute Of Millions

    The Commute Of Millions

    Sarah Rooney

    “One of my friends practically lives in her car,” says Sue, a 30-year-old Bangkokian who works as a political analyst for a western embassy in the Thai capital. “The car has become an extension of her home. She has a wardrobe in the back seat with a change of clothes, a selection of shoes, whatever she might need throughout the day or night… She leaves home in the morning plain-faced and puts on her makeup as she travels to work. When she hits a red light, she does one eye. At the next red light, she does the other. By the time she gets to work she’s presentable!” READ MORE

  • Asia Dialogue - High-Rise Dreams

    High-Rise Dreams

    Sarah Rooney

    Dterm is afraid of heights. This is somewhat unfortunate, given that he is a construction worker working on one of Bangkok’s latest skyscrapers. So far, the building is only six stories high so he doesn’t feel too bad about it, but once the building gets higher than ten floors he knows he will start to get nervous. “I can’t help myself,” he says, “I’m just really, really scared that I might fall off!” READ MORE

  • Asia Dialogue - Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Graduate’s Dilemma

    Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Graduate’s Dilemma

    Rowan Fraser

    Khulna, Bangladesh

    If you are born in one of Asia’s secondary cities a choice is made at some point as to whether to go or stay.  In this post, Selina is interviewed on this dilemma, and why she left for the country’s capital city.  Focus is on what the secondary city of Khulna could do to keep her and other young graduates from heading for the capital, an issue of retention of young well-educated professionals. Why graduates tend to move on from secondary cities, and why this move is especially challenging for educated young women. READ MORE