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  • Asia Dialogue - Rural, yet urban: The transforming crafts villages of the Red River Delta

    Rural, yet urban: The transforming crafts villages of the Red River Delta

    Mukta Naik

    As cities become the main engines of economic growth in Asian nations, the dependence of rural areas on cities has increased tremendously. Moreover, the urban-rural dichotomy is changing to an urban-rural continuum. The primate Asian city is now understood as an urban agglomeration that is closely networked with peri-urban areas, which make the transition from rural to urban over time. In this way, urbanisation is usually understood to spread outwards of historically established city centres. READ MORE

  • Asia Dialogue - Himalayan Scrapyard Living

    Himalayan Scrapyard Living

    Sarah Rooney and Nayan Pokhrel (Fixer)

    Rajkumar is in the backyard of a popular bar, sorting through rubbish. He comes here every few weeks to collect empty booze bottles and any other recyclable material. Today, there are five or six old posters – alcohol advertisements – that he can shred, reselling both the sheet on which the poster was printed and the aluminum frame. He adds to his haul a few used cardboard boxes and an old neon sign for Yeti Airlines. READ MORE

  • Asia Dialogue - Living off what others throw away

    Living off what others throw away

    Sarah Rooney

    “You wouldn’t believe the things people throw away,” says Loong Sompong, who makes his living as a scrap collector in central Bangkok. “I’m always telling them that they are throwing away money but they just won’t listen!” READ MORE