On September 27, an exclusive group of leaders across the region gathered to share their knowledge, discuss trends and new approaches, and above all, connect with one another as they plan for the next action agenda for the region and the project. The project brings together key stakeholders from diverse sectors across Asia to debate on the region’s cross-cutting issues, with the aim of fostering multi-disciplinary dialogues and deepening collaboration among these leaders. In its first year, the key focus issue is “governance and equality”.

As suggested by its name, the Development Solution Series forum focuses on analyzing the “solutions” that have been proven to work and finding ways to replicate them. Under the theme “Active citizenship: Enhancing Social Accountability and Challenging Inequity”, outstanding individuals and organizations share how their “solutions” in the field have promoted active citizenship, increased social accountability and made a difference in the lives of the people.

Amongst our notable speakers were Thida Khus (Executive Director of SILAKA. Cambodia), Mr. Vardhaman Vaidya (Jaanagraha, India), Mr. Praveen Gurunath (on behalf of the SAMADHAN project, India), Mrs. Agnes Dycoco (Mayor of Libon, Albay, Philippines), Ms. Penpuk Rattanakumfu (Mayor of Koh Kha subdistrict, Thailand), Ms. Soraya Jamjuree (on behalf of Ms. Yaena Salaemae, Southern Thailand activist), and Dr. Hoang Giang Dang (Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index, Vietnam) and moderated by Mr. Vincent Lazatin (Executive Director of the Transparency and Accountability Network).